Now available.

Canada's own violin pioneer.

7 new tracks prod. by Phonik Ops.

Suburb Beat - Out Of Sampler Vol. 2

4 more tracks of funky French house.

"We’re loving what we’re hearing from East Van Digital lately with their consistently stellar outflow of genre bending, forward thinking electronic music, blending the boundaries of house, techno and bass music."


Lots of new releases in the works as we head into our sixth year of releases!

We have a follow up single from Squamwise, "Fragile States", featuring two beautiful leftfield downtempo tunes. Available now.

BeardFight delivers his first single for EVD, "The Dream", featuring 2 sub loving bass music tracks. Available now.

The second release in Suburb Beat's "Out Of Sampler" Series is also underway, another sample heavy excursion in house music. Available now.

Knautic's "Asaka" EP featuring 4 new original tunes, plus remixes from Daega Sound, DJ Madd, and Levrige. Available now.

The new Kytami "Renegade" EP is here, featuring 7 new tracks of violin vs electronic, produced by Phonik Ops. Available now.