EVD022 – Queensyze – Somebody Like You + Remixes

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You may have heard a lot of people saying “Yas, Queen” lately, but in Canada, those in the know are exclaiming, “Yas, Queensyze!” That’s the name under which Jennifer Roworth became only the second drum and bass producer of her gender in Canadian history, after DJ Freedom. Originally from Toronto, a move to Vancouver saw Roworth expand her aesthetic from amen breaks worship to the embrace of deep bass music, and it’s in this mode that we hear her latest single, “Somebody Like You.”

Her second deep house track released by East Van Digital since “No Sleep” appeared on EVD House 5, “Somebody Like You” coasts in with a lovelorn vocal refrain processed to an alien timbre coloring a 4/4 beat with classic hi-hats and claps, underpinned by tickled garage sub bass with a hint of acid. If you close your eyes, you can practically see the sunrise at the festival just listening to it.

Four remixes flesh out the single. Together as Diana Boss​, Sam Steele and Josh McRae take “Somebody Like You” even deeper than the original. In their somewhat minimalist take, they reworked the sub bass melody and subtly tweaked the percussion, while using samples of the vocal to rhythmically accent them.

Drawing on her storied history as one of Calgary’s most influential electronic artists over the past two decades, Esette​ (a.k.a. Isis Graham) created an infinitely textural deep techno dark room mix with a 4am vibe. A vaguely dissonant drone adds a sense of tension, enhanced by her pulsing bassline and focus on the needing part of the vocal.

HxdB & Patrik Cure, combining their efforts under the name Greazus​, deliver an “OMG it’s Saturday and I need to dance heavy as f**k” mix that completely reimagines the track. The percussion takes on the frantic hi-hat barrage of footwork, while escalating gestures and gnarly bass lean towards drum and bass near the end, and the vocal, which was pitch-shifted to take on a masculine growl, adds a touch of hip-hop aggression.

Karsten Sollors (stylized as SOLLORS) caps off the single with a fantastic underground deep house mix. He pushes the tempo up a notch, gives the kicks more of a filtered woosh, and works in a classic peak time main stage build-up that is bound to elicit many rounds of joyful screaming from dancefloors.

Altogether, there’s bound to be a version of “Somebody like You” on here to suit anybody like you.

Release Date:
April 1st, 2016.

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Queensyze – Somebody Like You + Remixes

Queensyze – Somebody Like You – Original
Queensyze – Somebody Like You – Diana Boss Remix
Queensyze – Somebody Like You – Esette Remix
Queensyze – Somebody Like You – Greazus Remix
Queensyze – Somebody Like You – SOLLORS Remix

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