EVD023 – Squamwise – Antisocial Popsicle Girl

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Wisdom comes in many forms. Some people are book-wise, while others are street-wise. Out in North Vancouver, there’s an exciting new form called Squamwise​. Created by mastermind Alec Grose, who otherwise performs as part of the liquid drum and bass trio Reflektor, Squamwise taps into a knowledge of 80’s patchwork and synth sounds from an alternate dimension. His intuition leads dancefloors to ponder just how tasty jams can be, and it hardly gets tastier than his debut single for East Van Digital.

On the surface, “Antisocial Popsicle Girl” and “Best Friends Melting Together” tap a similar vein, given their comparably delectable downtempo 4/4 beats. Yet, “Antisocial Popsicle Girl” features more double-time synth lead melodies and vocals processed to textural incomprehensibility, both of which are side-chained to its throwback percussion that gives it a woozy feel, while “Best Friends Melting Together” hits you right off the bat with its funky synth soloing, relaxing to a jazzy melody, drawn out pads, and a bassline that sounds delayed until it unfurls, making it feel more dreamy than woozy.

Party wise, kids. Party Squamwise.

Release Date:
May 27th, 2016

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Squamwise – Antisocial Popsicle Girl b/w Best Friends Melting Together

Squamwise – Antisocial Popsicle Girl
Squamwise – Best Friends Melting Together

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