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To make it in music, you gotta have all of your i’s dotted and t’s crossed, but there’s no need to worry about the fine print when Audit is in the mix. His Audited Beats are always flawlessly executed, practically daring you to take a closer look at their immaculate details.

Take his latest East Van Digital single, for example. “Baroons” is crunk as f**k, with uniquely organic ratchet percussion framing a deep boom-bap beat and sub bass snarl, little flights of squeals rising high like bottle rockets amidst ever evolving melodic fragments and forays, and vocal nods to old school hip-hop. There is so much going on throughout its three minute running time, yet the vibe remains chill as a beanbag chair full of Xanax. Danny Breaks couldn’t have done it better, and that guy has a doctorate in asskickery from the University of Awesome.

On the flip side, “Friday Nights” hits you with a funk bomb. Its rolling bassline warps as tastily as Milez Benjiman’s “Chop That Wood”, creating the playground for canned saxophone stabs, vocoder-ish pads, and a synth lead that drones in half-way through before taking you to scintillatingly jazzy solo. Both tracks are so dense and perfectly executed, you could hide your offshore accounts in there.

Release Date:
June 3rd, 2016

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Audit – Baroons b/w Friday Night

Audit – Baroons
Audit – Friday Night

All tracks CanCon.
All tracks clean.


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