EVD025 – Andy Clockwork – Jolly Lake + Remixes

by / Thursday, 30 June 2016 / Published in RELEASES

Ladies and gentlemen, synchronize your butts, ’cause Andy Clockwork is back with another taste of that booty-shakin’, party makin’ sweetness. Named after the hallowed location of the Festivus Summer Music Festival​, Andy’s original cut of “Jolly Lake” starts off with a simple 4/4 beat, a bit of shaker and snare, and little tastes of claps and percussion that elevate with sigh and a perkily blipping melody. The flavour fractals from there with some hi-hat, and the humming of an eerie drone that twists into a twitter for another sigh that confounds the senses for the bassline. It continues building in complexity and tension as a sub bass growl gives gravity to offset its elevating blips and processed vocal syllable, while vintage drum rolls glide in as the key moments to send it higher and give it a release that evokes some of the most enlightened work of Orbital and Lusine. Suffice to say, “Jolly Lake” is a thoroughly joyous track.

Clockwork’s glorious original is enhanced with three distinct reinterpretations by Jon Lee, Sheps and SOLLORS. Seattle’s DJ Jon Lee​ put his twenty-plus years of experience into his take, effortlessly sliding a more serious groove on it care of subdued, rolling 303. Vancouver’s Jamie ‘Sheps​’ Sheppard keeps the vocal flavour and bounce of the original, but shines the fun factor into more of a hip-hop workout vibe, checkin’ it without wreckin’ it. Lastly, Chicago’s Karsten Sollors​ gives it a tribal tweak. With its beat chunkier, its bassline snappier and its percussion woodier, SOLLORS treatment is just the thing to keep the crowd pumping in the lean hours between late night and early morning.

Release Date:
July 1st, 2016

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Andy Clockwork – Jolly Lake + Remixes

Andy Clockwork – Jolly Lake
Andy Clockwork – Jolly Lake (Jon Lee Remix)
Andy Clockwork – Jolly Lake (Sheps Remix)
Andy Clockwork – Jolly Lake (SOLLORS Remix)

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