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Socrates famously said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” It’s a complex thought, but one thing is certain, that old Greek philosopher definitely did not know Squamwise, the solo project of Reflektor’s Alec Grose. With his cerebral 80’s patchwork and synth sounds, Squamwise drops knowledge you can take to the bank.

Following up “Antisocial Popsicle Girl,” his debut single that was released through East Van Digital early on in 2016, “Fragile States” shows a different side of Grose’s soul. The a-side has an emotionally resonant downtempo sci-fi noiR&B feel, like early Evy Jane. The snaps and rapid-fire snares framing its lax yet booming bassline cement its genre orientation, while its side-chained organ and ethereal sighing-and-soaring melody make it unforgettable in any context.

On the b-side, “Soft Pour” comes in short, but sweet. It promptly prickles with popping percussion in the intro, quickly bringing in its Boards of Canada-esque low-pass filtered synth lead, accented by funky, delayed pads that seem to conjure its chill, broken beat.

Both of these tracks are chill stage gold, sure to caste off listeners to realms unknown. Yet they work equally as well as for the home listener, perfect as the soundtrack for a few minutes of serious contemplation of just what the bleep we really know.

Release Date:
December 9th, 2016

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Squamwise – Fragile States b/w Soft Pour

Squamwise – Fragile States
Squamwise – Soft Pour

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All tracks clean.


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