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The first rule of BeardFight club is never make any cheesy references to Fight Club. The second rule is break the rules. Our dreams are fading before our eyes, and there’s no time to play nice any more if we want to keep them alive. In the context of such a profoundly frightening age, when everything generations have worked for seems set to evaporate by the will of an orange madman, the timing of BeardFight’s latest single, and first for East Van Digital, could not be more poignantly perfect.

Bass fans may recognize the name BeardFight, also known as North Van native Nathan Salloum, as one of the brave souls who dared answer the call to remix the incomparable iamforest, and delivered one of the most delectably tweaks of said artist’s “Wasted Time.” Others may vaguely recall randomly browsing YouTube videos of a similar title at 3AM, in the throes of uncertainly desperately searching for any useful distraction. Certainly, if you’ve spent any time on the Internet in the past year, you know the name of Bernie Sanders, who is instantly recognizable from his fiery speech on the inequity of wealth as sampled in “The Dream.” The gravity of Sanders’ truth bomb magnifies the tense drama of the gut-busting, techy, dub-tinged breakbeat track, dynamic and thoughtfully detailed. Those who won’t join the revolution unless they can dance will fall in step to this banger.

While more or less politically indifferent, the mood is no lighter on the b-side cut, “Submerged Starships.” Its humming bassline phases under a delicately arranged melody, with ratchet-and-splash percussion giving it an unforgettable sound. It’s a beauty to behold on the sci-fi surrealism spectrum of bass music.

This single should make any discerning listener take BeardFight seriously, while putting a stupid grin on their face and a dollop of flavor in their groove. This is the stuff that sticks with you long after you’ve left the dancefloor. This is a revolution you can dance to.

Release Date:
December 16th, 2016

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BeardFight – The Dream b/w Submerged Starships

BeardFight – The Dream
BeardFight – Submerged Starships

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