EVDEP030 – Knautic – Agwé EP

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Vancouver-based audio specialist and adaptive sound designer, John Tennant officially launched his Knautic​ project with the Debut EP halfway through 2015, and he’s already back with another taste of his distinctive jungle-laced dub blend. Adding five originals to his growing catalogue, the Agwé EP cements his irie aesthetic.

“Restraints” comes on slowly, and stays on a minimal grind throughout. The track is grounded by a lurching beat framed by a simple hi-hat and smooth sub bass hums, with delayed stabs and jungle breakbeats rising momentarily out of the texture.

“Hand of Dread” ramps up the energy while taking the mood darker. The beat has an extra kick, skittering percussion propelling it forward, while the sub bass has a growling edge, a guitar-like tone and occasional melodica enhancing its foreboding tendencies.

“Persist” changes pace with a boom-bap beat, delayed guitar, percussion and vocals snippets leading the ear to its warped sub bass. The core of the track is an evocative melodica melody, which momentarily disappears after a Joe Higgs sample, wherein he explains the importance of ghetto-inspired reggae, briefly replaced by a kind of chime as the layers of delays trail over each other.

“Bantu Roots” has a downtempo breakbeat, made to sound on the verge of a jungle freak-out thanks to skittering percussion and the occasional manic filtered fill, yet hints of brass, guitar stabs, and a warmly rolling bassline keep the mood chill.

“Obeah Dub” rounds out the EP on a spiritual note, a keenly processed guitar line vaguely reminiscent of Max Romeo’s “Chase the Devil” cropping up amidst the synthetic cowbell and crisp kick accented by a subtle bassline.

Agwé is the name of a voodoo deity, similar to Poseidon in that he rules over the sea, and the depth of the production on this EP do a god of that grandeur justice. These five tracks are swimming with otherworldly moments, mindfully crafted in a timeless fashion that may outlive the gods themselves.

Release Date:
EVD Exclusive December 4th, 2015.
All retailers December 18th, 2015.

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Knautic – Agwé EP

1 – Restraints
2 – Hand Of Dread
3 – Persist
4 – Bantu Roots
5 – Obeah Dub

All tracks CanCon.
All tracks clean.

Cover art by EVD Art Director Jai Field.


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