EVDEP032 – Suburb Beat – Out Of Sampler Vol. 1

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Following hot on the heels of The Last Tribute EP, which was released by EVD in 2015, Benjamin Lauron of Bordeaux is back with another serving of that funky business. Rocking the sweetest of samples tastefully plucked from the dirtiest vinyl, Lauron rocks hard-nose MPC production on the five slabs of head candy that constitute the first installment of the Out of Sampler series so hard that the biscuits will be begging for a sequel.

Disco Downtown creeps in with its old school percussion, but when that 4/4 beat starts pumping, claps and bongo join the fray. A sassy vocal sample jives on the bad-meaning- good record being thrown down as a low pass filter starts sweeping its deep melody, giving it that murky club-next- door feel until the vocals praise their compulsion to dance.

Thinking About You cranks the funk up a notch. Its beat chugs away for the first minute, sounding crisp until a filtered bassline and vocal woo drops in the texture. As the filter slowly unfurls, the supreme funk of that bassline becomes all too apparent, leaving no wonder as to why those girls are wooing. When you hear this saucy number, wooing is practically a response from your parasympathetic nervous system.

Like any good mix, the third track cools it down, but just a touch. The bassline for Can I Get Real? stays contained for the most part, with snippets of vocals, ride, and cowbell, and brief forays into its funk guitar over a clunky no-nonsense beat.

Sensation 900 has a similar bass sound, if a smidgen heavier, but its uplifting string and vocal sample make it sound like a classic banger by the Avalanches, while its use of a rotary phone chime and the outgoing message from Sarah Connor’s answering machine from the original Terminator film give it an unforgettable charm.

& Now caps off the EP nicely. Its beat starts off on the cleaner side, but it’s eventually warmed over by electric bass, with a variety of vocal snippets tastefully arranged to enhance its muted melody. It evokes the joyful feeling of Homework-era Daft Punk. Suffice to say, this quintet of compositions reps disco-fuelled mayhem to the stickiest of the ickiest degree.

Release Date:
June 24th, 2016.

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Suburb Beat – Out Of Sampler Vol. 1

Suburb Beat – Disco Downtown
Suburb Beat – Thinking About You
Suburb Beat – Can I Get Real?
Suburb Beat – Sensation 900
Suburb Beat – & Now

Cover art by EVD Art Director Jai Field.


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