EVDEP033 – Suburb Beat – Out Of Sampler Vol. 2

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It’s 3AM. You are in a warehouse choked full of fog, clouds perpetually dissected by lights, lasers and ravers. There are five distinct rooms, dedicated to jungle, chill, techno, breaks, and house music. You attempt to clear your mind of all thoughts, but as that infectious thud-thud-thud-thud of the beat laced with playful, crate-dug disco-funk samples starts churning around in your belly, you realize the house is calling you, and you have to accept the charges. It’s possible, if probably, that you have never actually been in a situation exactly like this, but you will understand that feeling when you listen to Suburb Beat.

Continuing his hot streak of straight up bangin’ funky house EPs, Suburb Beat is back with the second installment in his Out of Sampler series. Volume II sees the brilliant Bordeaux producer Benjamin Lauron deliver another four compelling testaments to the awesome power of the MPC. These tunes are on par with anything from his continually expanding catalogue, sure to fit the mood for nearly any celebratory occasion.

The opening track “La La La” is imbued with a sense of old-school Bollywood in its summery vocal refrain, with organic guitar-like tones carrying the melody over its gleefully chugging 4/4 beat. “La Touch” and “Need a Sunrise” are two sides of the same coin, hitting a similarly funky stride with the former glossed up with a horn and keyboard-fueled disco sheen, while the latter pushes more into jazzy territory with its electric piano focus. Capping the EP off is “Lights Come Around,” which relaxes down from its tribal intro into to a deeper, cerebral vibe, a lush daydream with which to float on home.

Despite tapping different veins of cosmic inspiration, his aesthetic commitment to a sample-happy style solidifies the EP into something greater than a mere collection of singles. Even in such a short amount of time, Suburb Beat manages to tell a story that works just as well in your earbuds at rush hour as it does in a warehouse at 3AM, a story you’ll yearn to revisit time and again.

Release Date:
February 17th, 2017.

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Suburb Beat – Out Of Sampler Vol. 2

La La La
La Touch
Need A Sunrise
Lights Come Around

Cover art by EVD Art Director Jai Field.


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