EVDEP034 – Knautic – Asaka EP

by / Thursday, 26 January 2017 / Published in RELEASES

As ever, the dub runs as wide as the expanse of the universe in the soul of John Tennant. The Vancouver-based audio specialist and adaptive sound designer introduced his Knautic project on EVD with the Debut EP in early 2015, and provided further evidence of his irie mastery later that year with the Agwé EP. Without a doubt, Asaka continues his ascension to a higher plane.

This EP contains four massive slabs of dubwise bass music. “Waistline” kicks things off with a rinsed-out intro that lands on a blunted beat, evocatively processed vocals presupposing and then accompanying a rolling bassline for a gloriously sexy chill. “Tribal Knowledge” drops science with an evolving, oscillating bassline, drifting up and down as the thumb piano, snare, and tweaked atmosphere rolls along.

The growling sub-bass and driving percussion of “Connection Dub” lend it a layer of ragga jungle, but it never quite goes all the way there, teasing and internalizing its explosivity as its beat surges forward creating an ecstatic flow of tension and release. “High Tree” follows suit with its scattered showers of hardcore drum breaks, betwixt diced up vocals and irie samples, with a booming clap-framed bassline that keeps the overall mood relaxed amidst its crank-ups.

Joining these epic originals are three remixes by Daega Sound, DJ Madd, and Levrige. West Coast duo Daega Sound​ levels out the back and forth of “Tribal Knowledge,” lending it a more technical bass feel. DJ MADD​ (founder of dubwise label Roots and Future) amps up the low frequency worship of “Connection Dub” while Vancouver’s own J.F.Killah​ and Erski​, together known as Levrige​, take “High Tree Dub” all the way to the futuristic jungle. All of these treatments complement the audacious power of Knautic’s heavy originals.

Release Date:
January 27th, 2017.

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Knautic – Asaka EP

1 – Waistline
2 – Tribal Knowledge
3 – Connection Dub
4 – High Tree
5 – Tribal Knowledge (Daega Sound Remix)
6 – Connection Dub (DJ Madd Remix)
7 – High Tree Dub (Levrige Remix)

All tracks CanCon.
All tracks clean.

Cover art by EVD Art Director Jai Field.