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East Van Digital​ presents our 35th artist EP, Kytami​ “Renegade”.

Few names spark the inspiration of Canada’s West Coast like Kytami, the unparalleled violinistextremist with her sights on global domination. The Delhi 2 Dublin co-founder stepped to the foreground with her conversation-starting self-titled solo album in 2012, which went on to earn “Electronic/Dance Recording of the Year” at the Western Canadian Music Awards, and a slew of remixes through East Van Digital in 2014. Renegade is here to keep that crazy ball rolling.

Those who were enamored by Kytami’s self-titled album will doubtlessly be blown away by her growth on Renegade. This album has a much tighter focus. It has seven no-nonsense, brick-crushing tracks that all add up to Kytami being named among the likes of Owen Pallett and Sarah Neufeld on the cutting edge of Canadian violin experimentation. However, where Pallett and Neufeld edge their compositions into an academic vein of avant-garde art-pop, Kytami strikes out on her own path, a true renegade catering to the cerebral with her deft fiddling skills while satisfying the ephemeral compulsion to step to dope beats.

The battleground of Kytami’s rebellion is the realm of bass. Renegade dabbles in drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep of the highest accord, slathered with the same scintillating strings that have seduced seas of dancefloor dwellers worldwide. From a wide range of festivals across her native Canada and the western United States, to exotic locations like Singapore, Taiwan, Dubai and Berlin, her revolution is spreading.

Dynamically produced by turntablist tunesmith Phonik Ops​, he’s a genuine renaissance man noted for, among other things, a fruitful partnership with language artist Mishap that resulted in the 2014 full-length Colouring Outside the Lines, on which Datsik and, indeed, Kytami appear. With additional touches from Beatsmith and Lasu, Phonik Ops created the perfect foundation for Kytami’s far-out fiddling. It all came together on this album, no doubt.

The whole Renegade album is a trip from start to finish, yet discerning ears will easily find highlights along the way. Deriek Simon nails his hip-hop vocal contribution to the piano-laden drum ‘n’ bass ballad “Listen Up,” and when the tempo drops for “Hello Friend,” slipping from its sample-happy, electric piano intro into the nastiest, techiest dubstep lurch, offset by Kytami’s effervescently sweet melodies, it could tear the wings off a fly midflight.

It’s inconceivable to imagine a record capturing Kytami’s ecstatic, cathartic live performance presence, but Renegade is so damn close that you might get garroted by a stray string off her bow. Whether you are a party monster or a lone wolf, Kytami will get you where you need to be. Make life bend to your terms. Go Renegade.

Release Date:
March 10th, 2017

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Kytami – Renegade EP

1. Renegade (prod. Phonik Ops, Beatsmith)
2. Listen Up ft. Deriek Simon (prod. Phonik Ops, Beatsmith)
3. Silk Road (prod. Phonik Ops, Lasu)
4. Hello Friend (prod. Phonik Ops, Beatsmith)
5. Brave The Storm (prod. Phonik Ops, Beatsmith)
6. The Jackal (prod. Phonik Ops, Beatsmith)
7. Sirens (prod. Phonik Ops, Beatsmith)

All tracks CanCon.
Tracks 1, 3-7 clean.

Cover art by EVD Art Director Jai Field.


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