Current Location:
Calgary, AB

Adam was born and raised in beautiful Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He became obsessed with music at the age of 6 when he first ran his fingers over a piano in grade school. He went on to study and play classical piano at a university level until the age of 12 at which point he gave it up because it just wasn’t cool enough for the cool kids. Throughout junior high Adam played trumpet in jazz band as well as percussion and the tuba. While growing up he listened to lame pop music, gangster rap and a healthy share of country music.

It wasn’t until his last year in high school that he was exposed to electronic music while sharing a few sociables among friends. His buddies were playing the video for Traffic by Tiesto on the TV and he was immediately sucked into the hype the video portrayed; he was addicted right then and there. After an intense 5 years of raving with friends in barns, hangers and at the Evolve music festival Adam made a split second decision to pack up his life into a single bag and move himself to the opposite side of the country – Calgary, Alberta.

His passion for the scene at this point was huge but he wasn’t deep into the music itself. It was partying twice a week at Sal’s on 17th in Calgary that really put Adam down a path to loving a specific genre of music which at this time was electro. Landing a solid job gave him the opportunity to buy his first set of CDJ 200’s and a terrible Behringer mixer, it might have had lots of buttons and looked cool with the lights off but that thing was a true piece. After struggling for a few years to learn how to DJ by religiously viewing YouTube tutorials and good ol’ trial and error it really wasn’t going anywhere but Adam stayed positive and continued to frequent shows throughout Calgary.

A couple years later while attempting to smash tunes together at a house party Adam met what would become his best friend and DJ partner. The pair were polar opposites when it came to all things music, one used CDJ’s and one was a vinyl junky. They liked opposite styles of music but for some reason it worked like peanut butter and jam. They met in the middle with Drum & Bass and went on to form the duo Carbon Copy where they played together until early 2014.

While a part of Carbon Copy Adam acquired Ableton an arsenal of VST’s and began teaching himself to produce. It was a long, bumpy road filled with weird sounds and random beats. However, over the years he has toned down the random and fell into a sound that is uniquely AdamAllDay. His music is bass heavy, fun and still a bit on the weird side but he loves the path his creative mind is taking his music down and stays true to himself. Feeling free to create tunes that span across the BPM spectrum and bounce through different genres, Adam is optimistic about the many doors of opportunity within the scene in Calgary and is beyond stoked to see what the future holds.