Aristotle Punk

Current Location:
Vancouver, BC

A man and his machines becoming one.

Head crushing, sound spewing from every bass bellowing steam pipe in this electronic sound machine. Dark oscillating bass with a deep industrial vibe is the power mechanic, driving robot mallets into a arsenal of digital drum kits with a divine decadence of synthesis.

Aristotle Punk has come up fast in this scene with countless performances using hardware synthesis, digital percussion and looping it all live, a performance that is not only stimulating for the ears but a visual show in it’s self. Over the past few years he has developed his “signature sound” and brought a new light to dark dub driven electronic glitch, a sound that can be heard in tracks such as “Gliphex”, Snubnoise”, “Keep Right Except To Pass”, “Static Decent” and the forthcoming East Van Digital release, “Omniverse”.

With over 27 years in music, Aristotle Punk started off as a classical /jazz student of piano, vocal, woodwinds, percussion and guitar, quickly grabbing hold of the ability to compose his own music, writing his first composition at the young age of 11 and since then, has showed no signs of slowing. Aristotle Punk has shared stages with many talented artists such as Excision, ill Gates, Trill Bass, DJ Lord, HIVE, Goth Trad, Nasty Nasty, Benny Page, Kenny Ken, Third Eye Tribe, Max Ulis, Self Evident, Glitchy & Scratchy, Frank Grimes, Dewey DB, Taal Mala, Tank Girl and many more.