Ben Colmen

Current Location:
Vancouver, BC

Ben Colmen was born on February 21, 1987, in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary. His interest geared towards music at an early age. He was fascinated by classic rock, and as he began choosing his path, he took great interest in underground electronic music. Ben found it interesting how the music was placed into coordination, what inspired producers to create their tracks, and how the DJ’s performed on set.

In 2003 Ben attended a very important techno festival in Szentendre, Hungary. On this day Chris Liebing’s live set placed Ben in the right direction. The same year, Ben purchased his first mixer and turntables, collected music, and practiced perpetually. In 2005, Ben with his two partners, (Rolchie aka Shade Audio & Dave Aloha) founded the Special Tech Team. The team continued to practise through the year, until New Year’s, when they performed their first show called Special Tech Night at a local coffee shop.

The positive response they achieved from this particular night inspired the team to continue with this career. From this experience they were able to have many more Special Tech Night parties. In 2006 in the city of Pápán, Ben performed with DJ Newl (VIVA TV Hungary) in a big event at Trend Club, where several hundreds of fans gathered.

In 2006 August, Ben moved to Budapest. For this reason the team had to take a break for a little while. This didn’t stop Ben, as he got many opportunities to perform at Kashmir Underground and K2 Club, thanks to Nilux and Slave During special events and in the tech room in front of hundreds of fans. During this time Ben met Peekay, who shortly after joined the Special Tech Team. During 2007 Ben moved back to his hometown, where he continued his own events, which took place in a local university club, which brought more and more fans and continued to have positive results.

In September 2008 Ben came to Canada to continue his musical career, and decided to stay. Since then he has continued to produce his own music, with more coming soon.