Current Location:
Fresno, CA, USA

Collecto is a robot who has but two programs loaded into his mainframe: one is to deliver a creative and unique sound to the people of planet Earth, the other, to make them dance.

No one knows when or where this robot arrived but the sound he has given to the people is that of high energy, funky breaks, grinding synths, and a perfect blend of the old school with the new, as he takes the electronic genre in his own direction.

Gaining momentum and popularity very quickly, Collecto always delivers a solid show and never fails to entertain his audience. He has now focused his eyes in the live arena and has built and designed his live set from the ground up purely for its listeners. Unlike most electronic acts, Collecto performs all of his material LIVE and with major variation. One can not help but to be captivated by the visuals, style, and execution of this mysterious robot.