Ded Sheppard

Current Location:
Vancouver, BC

Ded Sheppard is a composer, electronic bass producer and DJ.

Compelled to break barriers and drive sound forward, Ded Sheppard aka Andrew Bartos creates music that can’t be described in any traditional form.

This boundary crushing pioneer produces bass music under various aliases and is known as one of the finest video game music composers on the West Coast.

Andrew’s production origins rose out of the seminal Toronto drum and bass scene releasing his first record in 2001 under c((o))de blue (then spelt Code Blue) a vinyl release titled “Sign of the Times”.

Over the years he has produced under the aliases c((o))de Blue, Supercycle and now Ded Sheppard. As c((o))de blue, Andrew has releases recognized around the world.

Most notably his vinyl release “Graveyard Twist” and “Headstone Shuffle” that he produced in collaboration with The Panacea propelled the re-launch of the legendary German record label, Position Chrome.

“Graveyard Twist” was played by Richard D. James of Aphex Twin in a celebrated history of electronic music in a live set at Coachella.

As Supercycle (a collaboration between Andrew and Queensyze) he has released on Play Me Records, Substream Records and Robot Music and featured on the DJ mix Reid Speed – Under The Influence on Moist Music and has released a DJ mix released on Clubstream Records.