Current Location:
Orlando, Florida, USA

Chris Marchese heads up this one man production/engineering operation and has been adding his touch and definitive style to countless projects for the past 18 years. Inspired by the violin, which he started playing at age the of 9, Chris continued to further his music interest with the piano, and then onto keyboards right about the time the New Wave era had exploded in the music industry.

His first opportunity arose in the EARLY 90s, to produce and release his first piece of vinyl entitled “Reference to a Funky Dream” with the B-Side named, “Check It.” Hooked on vinyl, he continued on writing/producing 2 of Florida’s CLASSIC dance tracks: AGH-YUMMY & Force of Habit – Feelings of Disbelief.

Being a musician, Chris still felt that making and playing records was just not enough. He then put together a live show under the name “Force of Habit.” Using samplers, analog synths, and a lot of FX pedals, Chris played live shows for years, ranging from electro to progressive house.

He stopped performing under the name, ”Force of Habit,” in 2001, in order to organize an entirely new live act under the name, “DISCOSYNTHETIQUE.” Chris also DJ’s under his real name and is currently releasing new vinyl/mp3s, producing music, and remixing for a variety of labels.