Don Winsley

Current Location:
Asheville, NC, USA

Don Winsley is a 23 year old, big-haired ball of dance energy whose recent LP “Rise Of The Weasel King” was met with rave reviews from music blogs across the internet. The album peaked at number one on the Indie Dance and Nu Disco charts on Beatport, as well as top four in the genres Electro House, Dubstep and Drum and Bass. The album also hit number 3 on the popular music charts of The Hype Machine for his track “Guillermo”. In the live setting, the North Carolina native is joined by drummer Miles Cramer to make for high energy performances that at times resemble heavy metal as much as electro and dubstep. Described as “Post Avant Pizza Style” and “Ecstasy race car” by The Hype Machine, Don Winsley is anything but ordinary.

He fuses some fresh noises with some brutal bass sounds for a combination I’ve never heard.” –

This is a fantastic debut. Truly. 10 epic tracks with elements of electro, house, dubstep, glitch, hip-hop, and classical which, when done correctly (as Don Winsley has), makes for complete, sometimes maniacal madness” – Dödselectro

Don Winsley brings a vibrant and unique flair to the dubstep/electro scene. His newest album, “Rise of the Weasle King”, spans the gamut of modern electro genres. Take a journey with Winsley as he blends potent bass beats with fresh and funky synth breaks that are sure to surprise you.” – Mandatory Listening

A unique blend of classic high-energy electro and house beats intertwined with Hip Hop flavors and overlaid vocal samples gives Don Winsley a distinct sound of its own. While joined in the live setting by drummer Miles Cramer, its Karioff’s production that helps set Don Winsley apart from others.” – The Untz

Post – Avant Pizzastyle” – The Hype Machine

gorgeous tunes” – The Burning Ear

“Shits Hot” – The New Lofi

“Ecstasy Race Car” – Fuck Yes Music

One thing is clear… this duo knows what their doing. Aside from picking one of the tracks that, quite possibly, is currently one of the most ripe songs for remixing, the Don Winsley duo has electrified Cherub’s track ten-fold turning it into a super fun, poppy, and, obviously, energetic song.” – Play This Song Loud