Frank Grimes

Current Location:
Vancouver, BC

If Frank Grimes was an animal (which he is), he’d be a panda bear because he eats, shoots and leaves. Just kidding. He’s a young hustla in the game with a penchant for developing and manipulating really interesting noises and then, combining said noises in such a melodic and intricate wa– wait, forget that part…the kid knows how to make tunes so you can flex your dancing skills at rave parties with mega sound systems.

Frank’s tunes are also known to help you pick up chicks. When he’s not remixing Three 6 Mafia, he’s probably eating a small bag of chips, doesn’t matter what kind, just as long as the bag is opened upside down. Recently, he’s also been working on a bunch of new tunes that shall be compiled into an EP once the time is right.

East Van reppin’ to the fully, and blessed to play pretty much every night/venue that matters within the underground local circuit. Ya, boys’ also opened for some big, heavy-hittin’ ass names including Mochipet, Boreta, Opiuo, Subvert, Megasoid, Max Ulis, blah blah blah…Oh! And he’s the biggest candy raver you’ll ever meet. Cherry push pops all day.

“Keep thinkin’ I’m candy” – 50 Cent