Frederik Mooij

Current Location:
Monterrey, Mexico

Frederik is an Electro House producer/dj from Mexico with Dutch roots. He is currently holding down the title as one of the best Electro House producers in Mexico. His tracks have been in the Electro Top 50 at, the worlds best and biggest Electronic Music Market. Frederik has always been a hip-hop enthusiast but ever since the new millenium he entered the electro house music scene, giving it his own twist.

In 2008 he started his own label “Loudroom Recordings” and with only a year of opening Loudroom has become the best label in Mexico releasing nothing but charting releases. Frederik has had the honor to remix and collaborate with the best names in the Electro House Music business, such as Lee Mortimer, Will Bailey, Kelevra, Calvertron & Hirshee among others.

Frederik has quickly gained support from some of todays hottest djs/producers… Lee Mortimer, Kissy Sell Out, Kelevra, Will Bailey, Calvertron, Nom De Strip, Breakdown, Jo Kira, Cold Blank, Hot Mouth, Stupid Fresh, Figure & Hirshee… are just a few of the many following this up and coming producer.