Fresh Baked DJs

Current Location:
Vancouver, BC

Releases On:
Bassbong Records
Believe Electro
Digital Disco Records
East Van Digital

The Fresh Baked DJs are a multi-media party, delivering a mix of dj’ing, live p.a., turntablism & video scratching. Cooking up a combo of loops, tracks, samples and scratches, of both audio and video, they’re always hard at work, live and in the studio. Whether it’s digging up classic & obscure video footage, busting loose on the faders or dropping that next big bassline, the Fresh Baked DJs are always firing up something funky!

Their tracks have received dj support from Aaron B, Adam Vicious, Amanda Rude, Andru Pozzatron, B Breaks, Bastet, Ben Mac, Big Dope P, Bobby Blanco, Bondi House DJs, Chris James, Christian Homan, City and Mixxxy, Cole G, De Koze, Dirty DJs, DJ FM, DJ Ingela, DJ Komrad, DJ Kue, DJ Roog, DJ Soo, DJ Sterling, Elis Dye, ENG – Sik Clik, Erick Morillo, Filth & Splendour, Frederik Mooij, Funk Hunters, Groove Junkies, Hebegebe, The Incredible Melting Man, Jamie Wamie, James Taylor, Jason Grimwood, JD Cavanaugh, Jean Francois – St Louis, Jesse James, JGirl, Jim “Shaft” Ryan, Joey Silvero, Jpod The Beat Chef, Judge Jules, Kel Sweeney, Kohsuke Fukuda, Lakeshore Drive, Leisuregroove, Lemme Laroo, Lisa Lashes, Lyssa, manousos, Nathan Lee, Nikki Elise, PA Suplex, Qdup Foundation, Robb G, Rustem Rustem, Smoothie, Stacey Bowtell, Swerve Signal, Tim Adresen, Tony Technics, Van Tek, Voodoo Vandals, Wakcutt and more.

The Fresh Baked DJs are David Falloon and Joseph Martin.

David “Sleepy Cuts” Falloon – Electrofunk Collective – Vancouver

Dave has been addicted to scratch since he picked up his first set of turntables in ’04, and addicted to funk since his ears first heard it. Stuck in Saskatchewan with a pair of decks and a handful of beat up battle records, he chopped it up for fun; it wasn’t until he moved to Kelowna and hooked up with the Electrofunk Collective in ’06 that he made the move to performing live, cutting it up in the clubs and at parties. Dave has since taken his game to the next level by combining visual scratching with his turntablist skills, lighting up the screens and the speakers.

Joseph Martin – Shambhala / Fractal Forest, Intimate – Vancouver

Droppin’ tunes since ’98 and a Shambhala resident since ’04, Joseph has played many a memorable set in the legendary Fractal Forest. For 3 years he hosted The Shakedown radio show and with the Liquidbeat collective, helped to produce some of the B.C. interior’s most inspiring parties. His latest endeavour is managing the independent recording label, East Van Digital. While he loves to play it loose with the dance floor, he’s known for his obsessive music collecting and programming, creating and executing meticulous sets based on bpm and key structures; he can often be found in his studio organizing and editing thousands of samples and loops. In a live PA set, you can expect to hear him remixing on the fly, triggering samples, tracks, loops and adding live synth to the mix, blending elements of bassline, electro and fidget.

Audio/Video Mix: Fresh Baked DJs – 100% Dope


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