Jay Klos

Current Location:
Vancouver, BC

Jay Klos has been involved in the EDM music industry for over a decade, starting his dj adventures back in the day of the underground scene and continuing on to the more current club life scene. As a dj, Jay has developed a trademark sound of deep house undertones with big room sound and a tech rolling beat. His diverse sound and immense music collection has had a major impact on his current produced material. This makes his recordings stand out in a hard to distinguish market.

Jay has been a dj and promoter for the entertainment company Aqua Audio for the majority of his music career. Founded by Mikey Da Roza, Jay has grown and developed as an artist through Aqua and continues to work for and support the established organization. Jay has recently pursued his own business with Connected Entertainment’s co-founder Nestor Delano. Together they have formed Filter Music Records. A label that is fresh to the EDM culture but yet without changing the wheel.
Jay’s music can be found on label’s such as Uncovered, Live to Tape Recordings, Blindado, Ruhnsong Recordings, East Van Digital and Filter Music Records.

His recent track collaboration with Nestor Delano “Something Fishy” featuring Rachel Ashmore, has received rave reviews and has been hitting the airwaves across western Canada. With remixes by Vancouver based producer Skla and Jon Kong from the UK, “Something Fishy” is set to be released on Filter Music Records in early January. Another recent work of his and Vancouver based singer/ songwriter Tonye Aganaba has been creating a huge buzz across the scene with it’s deep house chill vibe. Stayed tuned for more work and collaborations as Jay Klos is just getting started.