My Electronic Friends

Current Location:
Vancouver, BC

While other children were reading comic books under their sheets, Clarence Chu was tapping into late night college radio shows and CBC’s Brave New Waves. This early exposure to the emerging world of electronic music was the start of a life long obsession.

From 1996-2001, under the moniker DJ Lemon, he was one of the early purveyors of drum’n’bass in Vancouver. Hosting the weekly spot Airtight and making guest appearances at Automatic and HQ events, he has opened for premier DJ/producers including LTJ Bukem and Grooverider.

Since then Clarence has completed a variety of composition, production and engineering work for film, radio and TV. He has also collaborated with vocalists and instrumentalists to produce electronic infused jazz, rock, folk, and hip-hop projects. In 2005, the collaboration Bedroomstudio released a full length album entitled Submissions touted by Exclaim! magazine as being “the most ‘now’ CD to come out of Canada.

Recently, Clarence has returned to his electronic roots and focused on his own personal sound. Excited to be part of the EVD crew, My Electronic Friends promises to deliver a wide range of electronic from chill out to bass music.