Current Location:
Vancouver, BC

As an artist, Queensyze is the complete package. She composes original music for film, she produces electronic music using her vocals as an instrument, she DJs, and it’s for that reason that she is one of the most influential voices in underground electronic music and an instrumental leader of the Canadian bass music sound.

She’s blazed a path as the second producer of her gender to release drum and bass music in Canada (for historical buffs, the first was DJ Freedom). There are hypnotic and sensuous qualities to all the music this Canadian makes; it stems largely by the places she’s lived and the energy of her surroundings.

She was born and raised in Toronto where the drum and bass passion is strong and releases are mighty with a large competitive platform to match. This energy from her hometown formed the early Queensyze sound along with her dedicated base audience. At first her music was influenced by the beat breaking heavy amen camp with her honest, unique and creative approach.

When she moved to Vancouver, BC the sound of deep bass music caught her attention, the expansive depth of the autonomic sound enables her to delve deeper into Queensyze the sensual producer delivering music as an experience. Queensyze is not constrained by genre when producing or DJing. To her, good music is good music. She moves her sound back and forth from drum and bass to deep garage house using her talent to work all sides seamlessly with little effort.

Tracks like her garage house “No Sleep” or “Gotta Get Up” released on the legendary house label Nervous Records to her deep half time dnb remix of Ded Sheppard’s “Warehoser” are all key to everything Queensyze does as her own unique expression and creative approach.

Her love and knowledge of electronic music, old and new is evident when she DJ’s as she balances all of her sets perfectly between now and then, introducing her fans to where this scene has come from and where it might be heading.

Labels released: Nervous Records (NYC), Play Me Records (LA) (as Supercycle), Phonomental (LA), East Van Digital (CA), Substream (Sweden) (as Supercycle), Robot Music (CA), Oscillate Recordings (CA), and In Da Jungle Recordings (CA).