Current Location:
Pretoria, South Africa

Tim Hartley aka Schenk – DJ, Producer and Remixer, born in South Africa, has already made a name for himself, not only on a local level, but internationally as well. Receiving praise from UK, Canada, Australia and even Germany. His creative and original style has already proven worthy in clubs around the world. Having over 20 releases to date, he continues to impress. Schenk has worked with some of the top artists, including Jay Robinson, Mark Stent and Chris Sen. He has also received major support from Kyle Watson, Guy Herman etc regarding his production.

Schenk has been featured on numerous blogs and has had original songs such as the hit, “Warm the House” played on 5FM (South Africa’s biggest radio station), with even DJ Fresh “loving his style”. The song received huge response from record labels and listeners; shortly after in 2010, he landed a gig at H20 (Africa’s biggest dance party) where he rocked the socks off of thousands of eager party goers, with over 15000 people attending.

His career started in high school, where he began experimenting with different sounds, making mostly chemical and hip hop, his style rapidly changing when he was introduced to house music. The unforgettable groove, twisted beats and jaw dropping breaks kept his interest and eventually pushed him to start making his own. He has even produced with vocalists such as Miss Can-D and Housecat, 2 very talented female singers.

Schenk has DJ’d along some of the world’s hottest artists, including Stupid Fresh, Tom EQ, Nick Supply and Jeff Doubleu just to name a few. Always keeping the funk and always keeping the people on the dance floor hungry for more. This youngster has accomplished what most people hope to in a lifetime and is only at the beginning of his career.