Tree Elves

Current Location:
Berlin, Germany

Once, on a nice day a young magician went out to test his new obtained abilities. He has learned to give human life to dead things, such as dolls or even brooms to work for him. Although his master has warned him to use this ability well he started to play around with it. He never listened to the words of the wise, and so it came, that he lost his way in a dark but beautiful forest. Hours and hours he went around, searching for the way out, but it seemed that there was none.
At dawn he made some fire, thinking of spending the night in this forest, with all its wolves and deer, and he decided that he would have to be home soon. But he didn’t know how – until this idea came to his mind. Who would know this forest better, than one of the trees? They spent all their lives in here, so they should know so much more. Off course he could not ask a tree for the way, but he could give life to one of them!
With this thought he stood up to look for an old and proud tree whom he could cast his spell on. He didn’t have to search for long until he found one. It was huge and healthy with wonderful green leaves. This should be the one, he said to himself before preparing his spell.
Only a few minutes later branches converted to arms, the trunk divided itself into legs and a head, and leaves became the hair of this strange creature. In front of him stood a human looking tree, all naked and with green hair! He didn’t really believe what his eyes were seeing. At least he had a hope that his spell would work, but now that it really did, it was hard to realize. It was amazing, but at the same time frightening. The young magician totally forgot what he came for, he turned around quickly to just run away. Though he never went far, a pack of wolves got him, and people who heard about this legend say, it was the will of the living tree that finally killed him. But nobody actually believed in this story, until today. This tree-like creature was left in its forest…