Yan Zombie

Current Location:
Nelson, BC

Yan Zombie, member of the “REALLY GOOD” family and main producer for future-rap crew Cyphanex is a musical enigma and modern day renaissance man whose audio influences and explorations cross many styles and genres. Everything from quick-mix funk, soul and hip hop, to the baddest dub and glitch-step to heavy metal electro dance-floor mash up, sometimes in the same song. His live pa/ableton electronic shows consist of original cutting edge crunk production, combined with ‘girl-talk’ style on the fly mashups and micro mixing sometimes dropping parts of almost 100 songs in a 90min set.

He is the sonic mastermind behind cult mix tape series 21 Bumpstreet and a new mix BRAINS?. His latest mixes have been posted on San Francisco’s avant glitch imprint Daly City Records blog site and Yan is referred to by Ninja Tune heavyweight DJ Vadim as “a bad motherfucker cooking up crack with the moog synthesizer”. Able to count world class DJ’s like Mat The Alien ,Mochipet and Vadim as fans and collaborators, the Zombie’s buzz is starting to build.

10 years deep in the producing game, having toured 7 countries with acts such as Abstract Rude, Mat The Alien and Emotionz with whom they became the first Canadian hip hop/grime unit to play Romania, Austria and Hungary in 2007.