East Van Digital presents a compilation of the best selling tracks from our fifth year of releases. 13 top tunes from our singles, artist EP`s & LP`s, showcasing the talent and underground sounds that EVD is now well known for. Various Artists – The Best Of East Van Digital Volume 5 Release Date: January 22nd,

East Van Digital presents our 10th artist LP, My Electronic Friends “Temporal Echoes”. Do you know Clarence Chu? If not, you might think you do after listening to Temporal Echoes, his superbly produced debut full-length under the name My Electronic Friends. In not so many words, there is semi-autobiographical feel embedded throughout this album. First,

EVDVA007 – Various Artists – EVD House 3

Thursday, 01 November 2012 by

East Van Digital presents the third installment of EVD House, featuring a varied selection of house music producers from our home, Vancouver, BC. Andy Clockwork starts us out with ‘Brick Dazz’, an easy-on-the-tempo bumping house number with a disco twist, while Joseph Martin turns up the beat on ‘Gotta Go’, a jackin’ house track full

East Van Digital presents Andy Clockwork’s ‘KayCee’. Originally released on Clocktower Records, we’ve teamed up with Andy to revisit his original and revitalize it with a fresh remastering and brand new remixes. Standing tall alongside Andy’s original slice of underground house is a shuffling garage remix from My Electronic Friends, with all the deep bass

East Van Digital presents an unique project where 4 producers have taken a song, originally written & performed by Chilli & Sage for voice and piano, and created their own dance floor friendly versions, presented here! One of Vancouver’s most recognizable house dj’s & producers, Andy Clockwork tastefully chops & mixes the original into a